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Peter C Grossi
Social Interests

I occasionally attend lectures and discussions organised by the Institution of Engineering Technology (formerly the Institution of Electrical Engineers), of which I remain a subscribing member. And I subscribe to their news magazine to keep up with current developments internationally.

I also continue supporting local events run by the Chartered Quality Institute (formerly the Institute of Quality Assurance), but I recently retired as a member.

I have also presented some evening talks to both organisations, most recently (2023) to the CQI on the subject of Artificial Intelligence.

3-D printer 3-D printing. My electronics projects generally require some sort of container or fitting, and these are usually unavailable in the sizes or shapes that I need. So in 2015 I decided to get involved in 3-D printing and set up 3-D mechanical design software (TurboCAD prof) to prepare drawings for printing in plastic. I built a 3-D printer from a kit and used it to make many things.
More recently I replaced the printer with a ready-made commercial item, and started using FreeCAD on my Linux machine for designing.
A more comprehensive report on my current workshop facilities, equipment and development software is detailed in the Projects section.
(Pic: the rather basic printer that I started with.)
Moon Astronomy. Still an occasional stargazer and follower of technical news. I am building a collection of images of the moon in different phases; each position of the Terminator (the edge of the nighttime shadow on the surface) shows interesting detail that is not visible except by the long shadows. For several years, until about 2010 I was on the lecture circuit for south Wales and the south west of England. My topics were variable stars, spectroscopy and relativity. I also occasionally organised observing sessions for schools.
(Pic: almost full moon from Canon 450D using primary focus on a Meade 8" Schmidt-Cassegrain, Spring 2010.)
My family name in Chinese Learning Mandarin Chinese.
(Pic: my family name in Chinese, pronounced Gwor-see.)
Me with dog Railway engineering. Currently a member of the Cardiff Model Engineering Society, where I am developing an ultrasound sensing system to count bogies for their miniature railway signalling system.
This is an ongoing project, and details are published when available in the Projects section.
(Pic: CMES home page)

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