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Peter C Grossi
A Virtual Signalbox

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This is a continuing development project that offers a railway network design facility. It provides a synthetic representation of a variety of installation features including track, signals and buildings, all of which can be positioned with geographical accuracy.

It is based entirely on generic symbology, so is not restricted to items from any commercial catalogue, and is therefore suitable for "scratch build" networks of any size and gauge.

Being scaleable for plan dimensions encompassing centimetres to kilometers, it can be used for model ("tabletop") networks as well as miniature ("ride-on") types.

This program is designed to operate on any Windows or Linux computer from a simple compressed file download, and can be operated directly from a memory stick without any other installation requirements.

Instructions for downloading and installation are available here.

This is an ongoing project and it is hoped to continue the development to enable "live" monitoring and control from a computer screen, locally or remotely through the internet.

It may also be possible to integrate it with a form of Artificial Intelligence to manage a schedule of operations on a model network. This possibility is being actively pursued.

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