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Peter C Grossi
Capacitive Energy Conversion

For all enquiries and a priority response please email Peter Grossi, with the word "electrostatic" in the subject

Please note that this is an ongoing project and there may be later versions of the documents which have yet to be published.
Current versions of documents, and any other information that may be of interest, are available on request.
  • Theory version 20231004

    This report explores the theory and mechanical implications of using variations in electrical capacitance to collect mechanical energy and render it available in electrical form. Fully developed, it may represent a feasible alternative to the common dynamo or alternator, applicable to energy sources other than rotation (such as variations in pressure), and may be scalable to any required capacity.

  • Theoretical validation version 20231004

    This report considers the theory explored in the Energy Theory report in this series. It reports on experiments intended to validate the theory and presents a means of harvesting the electrostatic energy efficiently for practical use.

  • Practical devices 20220423

    This report considers the different mechanical configurations that may be considered in exploiting the theory presented in the Energy Theory report in this series.

  • Innovation award entry June 2022

    The concept model, constructed from 3-D printed plastic and conductive paint, was entered into a global competition.
    This report contains the details and illustrations

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